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Oakville, Ontario
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Oakville Sheet Metal

We offer a wide range of metal fabricating services and equipment to cater to your every need, completing projects for industry, artisans, designers and the public.  If you require manufactured parts for dust and fume control systems, cabinets, machine guards, tables, short runs, countertops, repairs, one of a kind prototype development or special production machinery, we can help.

We work with mild steel up to ¼” thick, aluminum to 3/8” thick, and stainless steel to 3/16” thick and 120” in length, for cutting and forming.  We also fabricate from structural materials, such as angles, tubing, channels, and solid shapes.  We stock various forms of hot roll, cold roll, satin coat and galvanized steel and 304 stainless steel in 2b and brushed finishes.  We also carry aluminum, copper, brass and lexan sheets as well as an assortment of perforated metals.

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